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It has almost been a year since my website has been completely deleted and a solid six months since my last youtube video was uploaded!

I apologize for the long wait. I wish I had some good excuses but I’ve got none. I just got overwhelmed by the amount of work and underestimated the time and energy I had.

I thought I could rebuild my website from scratch without the help of WordPress … WRONG! Not only coding is complicated – DUH – but it is also very VERY boring (this is an understatement OBV!). So I had to come back to WordPress, hoping that this time the whole website won’t be deleted!

I also thought I could handle three videos a week … ALSO WRONG! Since I decided to make three videos a week half of them were not posted on time. Then I skipped a few time. Then skipping turned into not posting at all! I felt bad at the beginning but then sleeping felt sooooo good!

I have to admit that doing nothing felt good for a while but then the questioning started to flood my thoughts. I questioned everything from my drive, my dreams, my abilities, …
But you know what this was just a phase. A bad long case of laziness but now WE ARE BACK BABY!

My website is a work in progress, I am currently working on re-uploading all my previous post. I will also change the layout of the website until I get something that I really like. But for now this is what I will have to work with.

« Don’t let Perfect get in the way of good enough » – Casey Neistat

This is my good enough for now. My main goal now is to rebuilt little by little until I get my « perfect ».
This means that for now, there is no specific blog post upload time/day. Stay tuned, it is coming I promise. You can follow me on social media to know when I am uploading (links below and here).

The same will apply for my videos! Videos upcoming with no specific scheduling for now. I will definitely keep you posted!

I feel that this first blog post back is a little bit boring. Let me throw some quick and random life updates (longer blog post to come) :

– I’ve completed 90 days of work out, loss a lot of weight but since I’ve put back most of it!
– I’ve recently done a sephora haul (video and reviews soon!)
– I’ve went back on Tinder for a whole week, spoke to some douchebags and deleted the app again.
– There was an update on the tinder flame (if you haven’t seen the video, here is the link!). I will re upload all the blog post about him and the last chapter (with updates!!!).
– I’ve started to learn a new language. Ik spreek een beetje Nerderlands!

That is it for now! I am so happy to be back.

I am looking forward to reading your comments.

Stéphanie TIGG

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Snapchat: theitgirlguide

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