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As you might know if you followed me for a while, I have my fair share of Tinder activities. So much so that you can probably call me a Tinder Expert. I saw all types of profiles and I can help you to optimize your chances to get more matches. Here are dating profile mistakes and easy ways to fixe them! As there are so many mistake to make on dating app/sites, I decided to split the article in two parts: picture and description. Let’s start with the pictures.

1. No picture

Believe it or not, the main selling point when you are on a dating site/app is not your personality. You can have the best personality and be the kindest person on earth, no one is going to swipe right or like your profile if there is no picture. You can have a great description but if there are no pictures everybody is going to assume that you are ugly AF. We all like a little bit of danger in our life but not THAT much! Having no picture is the equivalent of a blind date, we can all agree those are gross!

Solution: grow some balls and put at least one picture of yourself. This will not guarantee you a thousand of matches but probably at least one. We all have different taste right?

2. Someone else picture

So you decided to be a catfish? Great for you! But do you honestly think that this will get you laid? People will eventually ask to meet you and then you’ll be fucked!

Solution: Get off the dating site, you are wasting your time and everyone else’s time. If you decide to explore identity theft at least make money out of it. Have you heard of credit card fraud? If so, I need a new laptop, can you help?

3. Group photos

You have friends, we are very proud of you! Those wing men/women can help in bars but on a dating site it is only confusing. Avoid the awkward question « which one are you again? ».

Solution: If you really feel you look great in that group picture at least circle yourself in the picture to avoid any confusion. Before you do that, remember that you will always a friend that looks better than you … Rethinking that group photo? Yeah you really should!

4. Gym pic

« You look great in those sweatpants » said no one ever! Let’s be honest, when we work out, we look like shit. Nobody is going to like your work out picture because nobody cares. Not even your mom cares about your work out pictures.

Solution: take pictures elsewhere with proper clothes. Also don’t skip leg day!

5. Half naked pictures

a) You’re buff and your man boobs are making everyone uncomfortable. No woman is going to date some dude with bigger boobs than her!

Solution: same as #4: put some clothes on and don’t skip leg day! Also congrats on those 6 packs you made your gym owner very proud!

b) You’re skinny: not only did you skip leg day but you skipped all the other days.

Solution: maybe gym pic are not so bad after all.

6. Landscape pictures

We can all agree the world is beautiful, traveling is fun, sunsets are romantic and beaches ain’t for bitches but unless your face is on that picture we all going to assume you’re ugly.

Solution: try to get your face in that picture but remember owning a selfie stick is a no no in the dating game!

7. Picture of your car

Useless you are giving that car away as a dating incentive, your car is not going to help you get more dates .

Solution: get rich and buy some cars to give away to your dates!

8. Pictures with kids

You have kids, shit happens! Being honest with your situation is great but putting your kids face on your dating profile is not very attractive. Sure, you find them cute and ladies love kids but kids are a sore reminder that everyone come with baggages! People on tinder are barely ready for a relationship, being a stepmother/father is definitely too much responsibilities.

Solution: take that picture down and just put one line somewhere in your profile that you have kids even if that is at the very end.

9. Duck face pictures

Duck face on women are wrong, duck face on men is even worst!

Solution: Don’t do it, not even sarcastically!!!!

10. Cats and dogs pictures

Well, there is nothing wrong with pictures your pet, if anything it helps! Remember cats and dogs are cute. The smaller, the better. Tiger are not cute enough and snakes are not helping your case!

I hope my great advices helped you get laid. Don’t hesitate to share to all your friends/dates/strangers who made the same mistakes. You can now worship me and follow me on all my social media!

If it did not help, you probably did something wrong or maybe your description is all fucked up. Let me help you with part 2!

XOXO Stéphanie TIGG – The self proclaimed Tinder expert!

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